Career Advancement

Can you relate to any one of these challenges?

  • skys_the_limitI am due for a salary raise. How can I communicate my value to my manager”?
  • “I need more time with my family. What is the best way to negotiate for telecommuting”?
  • “One of my colleagues has been spreading rumors about me. What shall I do”?
  • “Technology is changing so fast. How do I keep my skills up-to- date”?
  • “Job security is a thing of the past. How can I transfer my skills to a different work environment”?
  • “I feel devastated and scared with my recent job loss. How do I cope and what steps shall I take”?

I offer expert coaching and support to help you gain the necessary skills to thrive in the ever changing job market, and create the best fit between your work and life.

  • Negotiating for a raise, promotions and/or flexible work arrangements
  • Gaining leadership skills
  • Keeping your skills up-to-date
  • Enhancing and communicating your value
  • Developing and nurturing your network
  • Leveraging your brand and contacts for career advancement
  • Managing workplace relationships
  • Dealing with burn-out and stress
  • Practicing proper business etiquette
  • Dealing with change
  • Coping with job loss

“Michal is one of the most dedicated individuals I have worked with. Striving always for improvement, the joy of my work with her was how her leadership allowed me to be innovative and creative.”
(C. H., Granada Hills)

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