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Programs for Schools and Non-Profit Organizations

Graduate - Confused by Career ChoicesWhether your students plan to enroll in an Ivy League college, or search for an entry level job, they all need a clear sense of direction. This calls for career exploration covering self-assessment, occupational research and experiential activities such as Internships, Job Shadowing and Informational Interviewing. With so many newly-created occupations (think Health Informatics Specialist, Patient Advocate), and  a growing number of majors and training programs, they need to acquire the tools to make informed career decisions, creating the best fit between their interests, talents and other preferences, with viable options in the job market. Students would also benefit from guidance with job search strategies in order to become self-sufficient adults.

I have applied my knowledge and commitment to career education by initiating and developing programs at the Los Angeles Community College District. I am highly experienced with internship programs and career curriculum design. Additionally, I delivered workshops and seminars in high schools and non-profit organizations, and served as a Career Planning and Job Search instructor at LA Pierce College and Moorpark College.

“Michal worked diligently with our students to enhance their career knowledge, which will ultimately lead to improving their lives. I can only hope to work with Michal again in the future”.
(Amy Freeman, Chief Administrating Officer, Fulfillment Fund).

If you are an educator or administrator desiring to establish or enhance career development and academic success programs, I will be happy to discuss the following services with you, and customize them to your needs, time, and budget constraints.

  • Individual career guidance and assistance with selection of college majors and educational programs
  • Workshops on all aspects of career development and planning, choosing a major, transition to college, career management and job search
  • Workshops on Study skills and Time Management
  • Educator training/in-service on career education
  • Experiential Learning programs: Internships, Job Shadowing, Project-Based Learning
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Student Retention Programs

Contact us to discuss your programming needs.

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