Career Planning

  • career_directions“I have been out of the workforce for many years. Where do I begin”?
  • “I am considering a career change. What are my options”?
  • “I just graduated from college. What can I do with my major”?
  • “Do I have what it takes to reach career satisfaction and success”?

With 18 years of demonstrated success in career planning and development, I am confident that I can help you maximize your opportunities for career satisfaction and success, and a balanced work/life. I will guide, coach and support you in creating the best fit between your personal strengths, needs, and preferences, with viable options in the job market.

“Without Michal’s special help, I never would have found a new career. She led me to a teaching career which I loved dearly until my retirement.”
(K.S. Thousand Oaks)

All my services are tailored to your needs. I may assist you with all or part of the steps described below:

Self Assessment – “Who am I and What Do I Want”?
Using standardized and informal assessments, and in-depth discussions, we will help you identify your:

  • Skills, accomplishments, talents and strengths
  • Professional expertise
  • Interests (Strong Interest Inventory)
  • Your passions
  • Work/Life values
  • Personality type (Myers Briggs Type Indicator)
  • Learning style
  • Personal and financial considerations

Occupational Exploration – “What is Out There”?
Having completed the process of self-assessment, we will help you generate a list of occupations, and obtain valuable information about them. This process will include:

  • Researching career fields and industries using carefully selected free print and online resources
  • Learning about duties and responsibilities, skills, training and education required, working conditions, salary, employment outlook, career path, and related occupations.
  • Identifying career trends and “below the radar” occupations
  • Conducting Informational Interviews
  • Reality testing, including job shadowing, internships and volunteer work

Career Decision Making & Goal Setting – “How Do I Get There”?
Based on your personal and occupational exploration, we will guide you in narrowing down your choices and achieving career clarity and focus. This will be accomplished by:

  • Developing and implementing decision making skills
  • Evaluating career options
  • Considering  self-employment and/or alternative work arrangements
  • Clarifying and setting short and long-term goals
  • Identifying  barriers for accomplishing your goals
  • Developing coping skills to overcome your challenges
  • Formulating a concrete and realistic plan of action related to your chosen career.
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