“I am convinced that without Michal’s special and personal help, I never would have found a new career. If you want excellent career counseling call Michal. Several years ago I lost my job as an industrial chemist of 25 years. In order to remain in my industry, I would have needed to move from the Southern California area, something I did not want to do for personal reasons. So I phoned Michal. After discussions with her, special tests and outstanding analysis, she led me to a teaching career which I loved dearly and was dedicated to until my recent retirement. If you need help with career path choice, I strongly recommend you speak with Michal. She is wonderful – very warm and caring and takes a very special interest in her clients”.

K.S. – Thousand Oaks

“I am writing to thank you for your help with my career challenges following my layoff. My decision to seek career counseling with you was right on, and this much needed help proved to be most beneficial. From the moment we started our work together, you were very positive and encouraging, and helped me prepare a clear plan of action. At the end of our first session, I knew that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. You made me view my layoff as an opportunity to search for a new career path since my work as an Executive Recruiter was no longer satisfying. The exploration process was extremely valuable. The assessment results, our in-depth discussions and the networking and volunteer work which you recommended, brought me to the decision to work with the elderly. Luckily, my volunteer work resulted in 3 job offers. Again, you helped me sort out these options. I am now happily employed and certainly “love Mondays”! Michal, it is not only your tremendous expertise that I am grateful for. It is your warmth, patience, sense of humor, and true caring and ongoing support that made my transition into a new field so much easier and smoother. You have definitely made a big difference in my life”!

K.P., Westlake Village

“I first met Ms. Orenstein as a senior in High School. I was eager to graduate, yet my inability to devote time to my studies left me without focus on long-term goals. Her professionalism and career assessments led to the very beginnings of a search towards my future career. When she completed her work with me, my core had been struck. This huge and overwhelming task of “what do you want to be when you grow up?” was put into a new perspective. A clear plan of action, tools to explore options, sort abilities, interests, and values, resulted in a solid understanding of the careers in which I could be successful and would enjoy. Ms. Orenstein, thank you for helping me take those difficult, yet very important steps in the right direction”.

L. G., Reseda

“So much to say! I hope you are doing well. Despite the fact that I only knew you for a couple of years, you are one of the staff that influenced and helped me the most. I want you to know, that every single advice you ever gave me has been engraved in my mind and I will always put it into action when needed. You are one of the most intelligent and knowledgeable persons I had the pleasure to meet. Thank you for everything and for always making it evident that you truly cared about each and everyone of us”

L.M., (Los Angeles)

“When I heard about the opportunity available to me for career counseling as a Kaiser Permanente Human Resources Employee, I jumped at the wonderful opportunity. I had an idea of the career path that I wanted to take, and the counseling sessions with you have enabled me to set clear goals for myself and define actions I can take to achieve my goals. Through participating in the career counseling sessions, I am well on my way to achieving my career goal of becoming a freelance writer”.

L.N., Kaiser Permanente, Pasadena

“I would like to thank you for opening my eyes to so many careers out there that I would have never thought of”.

V.S., Moorpark College

“I would like to express my appreciation for the outstanding work you performed as a Career Counselor and Trainer at the Hughes Career Resource Center (CRC). You dedicated yourself to help your clients, the former Hughes employees, prepare themselves to find work. Not only did you develop training programs which refined our job search skills, you supplemented those programs with specialized training as our requirements changed. You were always working to help us recognize these skills that were transferable for the aerospace industry to other industries and you constantly gave us encouragement and support. In addition to your formal work assignment at the CRC, you also functioned as an advisor and consultant to the CRC Job Club. Working with the CRC representative from EDD, you set up weekly seminars, a blend of speakers and workshops for the Job Club. One of the most notable speakers you arranged was an Image Consultant who provided us new insights for presenting ourselves appropriately at a job interview. This was one of several innovative approaches you used to assist us. You never stopped searching for new ways to energize and enhance our job search. The Hughes CRC was fortunate to have you as a Career Counselor and Trainer. Your high degree of professionalism and sincere desire to help those seeking employment was, and is appreciated by me and other job club members. On a personal note, I would like to thank you for opening your network for me for an informational interview and for your sound counsel”

L.K, (Hughes Missile Systems Company)

“Thank you very much for your personal support and attention at the Hughes Career Resource Center. Your workshops on reengineering the job search and brainstorming transferable skills were well designed and presented. Also, your contributions to our Job Club were most welcome. You managed to offer inspiration without intruding on functions you knew we should be handling. But most of all, I admire your extensive personal network and your generosity in sharing it. Not only did several of your contacts come and share valuable insights at our Job Club, but another of them has provide me with some rewarding work this spring and expects to offer more ore this summer. Using the techniques you recommended, I plan to acquire more clients until my work load is just right. Once Again, than you for doing your job singularly well when it would surely have been easier to have been more perfunctory. Please realize that your extra efforts have helped your clients, not only directly, but also as encouraging examples. You will be a great asset wherever your work” (J.O, Canoga Park) “I want to especially thank Michal Orenstein for ALL her guidance and help. She played a very important part in guiding me on how to format my resume. Without her expertise, I may not have gotten the position at Parsons Engineering Science”.

K. C., Tarzana

“Michal was extremely sensitive in understanding the needs of the first-generation college students of color that our organization served. Through her work as career counselor and intern program facilitator, she always empowered students to believe in themselves and to think “big” about their career aspirations. She successfully coached students and taught them the value of leadership skills, networking and personal branding. She also helped students navigate the world of work creatively through problem-solving and role-playing. Thanks to her great efforts, our students became more marketable and employable upon college graduation.” (Mireya Saldana, Los Angeles). “Michal is one of the most dedicated individuals I have worked with. Her passion for helping students is inspirational. Striving always for improvement, the joy of my work with her was how her leadership allowed me to be innovative and creative.”

Craig Houston, Granada Hills

“I just wanted to thank you for all the help you gave me throughout the years. Your advice was invaluable and I appreciate you always looking out for me. You definitely gave me some excellent tips that I still use with the recruiters, especially this year when I am finishing up college. Please take care of yourself and keep in touch. I would love for you to know where my career takes me because you had a role in getting me there”.

A.G., Los Angeles

“Michal has the knowledge, interpersonal skills, and communication style to help others achieve their professional best. I highly recommend Michal to any employer, client, or organization seeking a top-notch career counselor/coach”.

Paula L. Friedman, President of PLF Insights

“This is to thank you for your Job Search Strategies workshop you presented at out library. It was by far one of the best programs we have ever offered. You shared a lot of up-to-date information with skill and humor, and managed to engage the participants with your interactive style. I was really amazed to see the transformation of the crowd who, thanks to your encouragement, started out as strangers and ended up networking and exchanging ideas and business cards at the end of the evening. The feedback I received about your presentation was very heartwarming. I would also like you to know how much I appreciate your professional manner throughout the planning of this successful event. You have gone above and beyond by taking your time to select career books for display during the presentation, and for recommending new books for our collection”.

Raya Sagi, Agoura Hills Library, County Library Manager

“”Michal is a strong career counselor who is knowledgeable, passionate and highly dedicated to helping people gain employment. She has many years of experience and is current on job search techniques and interviewing trends. I was most impressed by the clarity and focus of her job search presentation and its practical application. She provided a lot of information in a relatively short time. When people left her recent workshop, they were enthused and began networking right there in the room!”

V.F., “Emergency Manager in transition”

“Michal recently conducted two outstanding job strategy workshops in Agoura Hills, CA and both were extremely well-received by all of the participants. Everyone who attended these interactive workshops found Michal’s presentation to be informative and insightful, particularly her sound advice on effective resume writing and job interviewing”

Paula L. Friedman, President of PLF Insights

“I had the pleasure of working with Michal Orenstein-Orpaz on the Mentoring Partnership between the Women’s Leadership Council and the Fulfillment Fund. Michal raised our mentoring program to a higher level through her dedication, diligence and genuine concern for the young ladies we mentored. She took great care in selecting appropriate college students and graduates for our group to mentor, and provided the young ladies with insightful and caring advice and support. In the most supportive way, Michal coached and encouraged the young ladies on how to conduct themselves at our events and during informational interviews and take advantage of all that our program had to offer. The results were most impressive – the young ladies took Michal’s advice to heart and did a wonderful job presenting themselves in a professional manner at our luncheons and meetings, which resulted in the formation of many wonderful, long lasting relationships between our members and these young ladies. Michal is highly energetic, results-oriented and extremely passionate about assisting young people on their career journey. She has won the praise and respect of the Women’s Leadership Council members and would be a valuable asset to any organization. Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions about Michal”.

Sheryl Cefali, Managing Director of Duff & Phelps and Vice President of the Women’s Leadership Council

“Michal is a consummate professional. Her ability to collaborate with her teammates, external partners and students, is exceptional,. She worked diligently with our students to enhance their career knowledge, which will ultimately lead to improving their lives. I can only hope to work with Michal again in the future”.

Amy Freeman, Chief Administrating Officer, Fulfillment Fund
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